AMP2 is high power classT amplifier from Tripath. I am luckey to have one. This one I intend to use as sub amp. I have two channels available, so I can use stereo or in bridge mode. Now amp is already build and tested, so now I need supply for it and preamp filter,...

Since this is so big amp(not by size) and I would like to be able to use it at its max, so I will need supply strong enough to power it. i decided that I will use only one transformer, up to 6 pairs of IRFZ44n's, 8x 4700uF on input, 3x 2200uF for each voltage rail on output. Rurg 3020 as output diodes. This will be all on main board, but control circuit will be placed on daughter board. Daughter board will hold SG3525, two buffers for driving gates, under and over voltage with led indication, remote power on, like in amps you buy.



Control board with REMOTE, buffers, under/over voltage protection

you can download PCB here

Control card is not the same as in picture above, it is changing all the time... the one in pdf is with TL431 voltage feedback, simple to understand

Amp2 supply visits:

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A discussion on bridging audio amplifier circuits like LM3886. Includes a schematic to drive a matched pair of amplifiers in a bridged configuration, power supply considerations for LM3886 and TDA1514 power amplifier circuits-especially in bridged pairs.

Application Note on parallel-bridging LM3886 audio amplifiers

How to make it loud - real loud. (230 watts rms into 8 ohms without clipping from 4 ICs. How to match LM3886s for parallel operation, then bridge the matched parallel banks. If you are not familiar with bridging amplifiers (BTL configuration), read the Application Note on bridging listed left in article Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers.

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