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1st system...

First question would be why spend a lot of money on this. Well if you like your music loud with great bass you could do that at home, right? But if you have lot of neighbours around you, I'm sure that they won't be happy at all. So in car that is not a problem because you are almost always moving and it is not as loud on outside. But there is downfall to this, loud music will distract you, so make sure that you check your rear view mirror more often !!

Why? Now you won't be able to hear emergency vehicles like FIRE TRUCKS, AMBULANCES, POLICE... so you won't let them pass you and that is against the law. So check constantly. Ok I say this because I live in big city, if you are in woods you probably don't have to as much (Ok enough about that BS)


Now to get down to business:

It is really nothing special, but it is damn loud, sure enough for me.

HU: LG lac-m5600r

Front Speakers: HIPOWER L06/8106B (16cm)

Amp for front/rear: Ground Zero GZTA 4.120mk²

Sub: Digital Designs 2512a

Sub Amp: Sinus Live SL-A1500

Now i'm pretty sure that cable from battery to amps is too small, now I have only 20mm² with 80A fuse. I will have to change cable to 35mm².


Pictures of sub amp and sub itself, pics of other amp and sub amp, you can find at Amp Guts.

Amp for DD sub:



SLA1500 Supply

SLA1500 Supply

SLA1500 Damp

SLA1500 Damp

Here is schematic, that I've got for this amp, older version

DD sub:

DD box

DD box

Top view


DD2512a side

DD2512a side

Box for DD sub:

Video of sub that I had up to now

All gone now...

I guess I should say that, after 2512a, I got myself a 3515d, same amp, SLA1500.
Since this amp was bad, low on power I sold it, and bought two DD m1a's, really sexy amps.
I could say that this was my 2nd setup and I have something to how so here it is

Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers

A discussion on bridging audio amplifier circuits like LM3886. Includes a schematic to drive a matched pair of amplifiers in a bridged configuration, power supply considerations for LM3886 and TDA1514 power amplifier circuits-especially in bridged pairs.

Application Note on parallel-bridging LM3886 audio amplifiers

How to make it loud - real loud. (230 watts rms into 8 ohms without clipping from 4 ICs. How to match LM3886s for parallel operation, then bridge the matched parallel banks. If you are not familiar with bridging amplifiers (BTL configuration), read the Application Note on bridging listed left in article Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers.

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