Faster sketch upload speed

Are you tired of waiting for sketch to upload? Does it take far too long for your taste? Have better things to do? 
Then I have solution for you!

(If you ever watched any top shop or how is it call elsewhere in the word, TV channel  ;D)

I've been learning a lot on Moteinos and in the process (if someone is interested of doing the same) I found that I can make Moteino start up faster (I won't talk about it here, but you can boot moteino or 328p ~60ms faster on power-up) or how to use pickit2 to upload bootloader from Arduino IDE and how to upload sketches with 500k baud rate instead of standard 115.2k or even slower in case of pro mini's. Difference between those two are 5.49s vs 2.72s without compiling time for WeatherNode. But this will mean you will have to upload new bootloader to 328p. (no big deal, just like sketch, only with external programmer)

All you have to do is make changes to:
Makefile (you'll have it in folder, where you will compile your new bootloader(you can find this tutorial in other pinned thread I made))

Find this line, which should look something like this:

atmega328: CFLAGS +=

Change -DBAUD_RATE and any other setting you would like:

atmega328: CFLAGS += '-DLED_START_FLASHES=3' '-DBAUD_RATE=500000'

Other file you need to edit is Optiboot.c from same folder

Find line that contains

#if F_CPU >= 8000000L

Select it and replace it with

#if F_CPU >= 16000000L
#define BAUD_RATE   500000L
#elsif F_CPU >= 8000000L

Last change needs to happen in boards.txt of Moteino framework, which is located in


This 1.3.0 might in the future change, but you will be able to find this with the latest folder name

inside find this line


and replace it with 


Compile bootloader and upload it to 328p. 
This will allow for standard Moteino to upload sketches at 500k baud rate. I could go even to 1M, 328p is ok with that, but my usb to serial does not support 1M, it stops at 921.6k

One thing you can find in Arduino IDE in 1.8.5 version is this: They are moving from 57600 baud rate (old bootaloder) to faster one at 115.2k on Arduino Nano. This is why you can see, you can choose from two variants.

I think they could go even higher, to 250k, hardware this days is more than fast enough as are controllers.


bootloader visits:

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