It all begin with this little amp. The LM3886

After some time of using it with 230Vac trafo on desk with wires all over the place, I have decided to give him a home in some box.

But since I didn't feel putting any money for it and had a lot of PC supplys, I decided that it would be great if it was in it. Its pretty small in dimension. But this wasn't enought. So I started to think and seen my 12v to +/-30v DC/DC converter doing nothing else but getting dust on it.

Then came challenge putting all in the same box.

Since this was not difficult at all, everything came to its place just the way I wanted it

Now it can be used in car. All you have to provide is the signal from head unit and 12v from cigarette lighter plug. And you will have enought power and great sound if you are not some high volume, high fidelity freak.

Read more here , also PCB,... is there

Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers

A discussion on bridging audio amplifier circuits like LM3886. Includes a schematic to drive a matched pair of amplifiers in a bridged configuration, power supply considerations for LM3886 and TDA1514 power amplifier circuits-especially in bridged pairs.

Application Note on parallel-bridging LM3886 audio amplifiers

How to make it loud - real loud. (230 watts rms into 8 ohms without clipping from 4 ICs. How to match LM3886s for parallel operation, then bridge the matched parallel banks. If you are not familiar with bridging amplifiers (BTL configuration), read the Application Note on bridging listed left in article Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers.

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