The speed of Arduino pin as an output

I have read, that Arduino IDE command for setting output HIGH/LOW is slow, takes a lot of cycles for such simple operation. Since it was made for safety and not speed, and sometimes you need only speed, simple change of pin state. I found two fast options, that were pure C code. I made sketch, that toggles pin 13 for 256x and measures time it takes to do so. From results I got, you can change pin stat @ 8MHz, while digitalWrite(); could only do just above 150kHz, doing nothing else!! That is 53x slower.

Arduino sketch How_fast

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Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers

A discussion on bridging audio amplifier circuits like LM3886. Includes a schematic to drive a matched pair of amplifiers in a bridged configuration, power supply considerations for LM3886 and TDA1514 power amplifier circuits-especially in bridged pairs.

Application Note on parallel-bridging LM3886 audio amplifiers

How to make it loud - real loud. (230 watts rms into 8 ohms without clipping from 4 ICs. How to match LM3886s for parallel operation, then bridge the matched parallel banks. If you are not familiar with bridging amplifiers (BTL configuration), read the Application Note on bridging listed left in article Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers.

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