Car SMPS list:

  1. Car SMPS and Amp
    Black hot drinkThis is car amp that was done with LM3886. From 20.7.07: It was tested with 78Hz
              low pass filter with truly amazing bass,ones that I wouldn't believe
  2. Push-pull car supply for AMP2 and AMP7
    SMPS powered from car battery, that will supply my AMP2 in my car

Offline SMPS list:

  1. Offline Half Bridge SMPS (Prototype)
    Working prototype working 230v mains @~500w , got it up to 730w constant with 1000w peak due to large primary side ripple
  2. Offline Half Bridge SMPS (Prototype 2)
    Mains power smps for ClassD amps
  3. Power factor correction
  4. Makes high voltage DC from 90-268v AC with >500w

ClassD Amp list:

  1. High Power Half Bridge ClassD Amp (Prototype)
    With good supply it can deliver 800W into 4 ohms, got it working up to 200w
  2. High Power Half Bridge ClassD Amp (Prototype 2) Coming never? Maybe one day just for fun
    With good supply it can deliver 800W into 4 ohms or more...
  3. 41Hz's AMP2
    Class T amplifier, 2x450w into 4, bridgable,...One of the best sounding amps and very efficient
  4. 41Hz's AMP7
    Class T amplifier, 2x900w into 2,one jumper bridging (bridgable),...
  5. IRS2092, classD amplifier from IRF
    Class D amplifier, up to 900w into 4, very wide supply voltage, self-oscillating,...

Arduino projects list:

  1. Digital Electronic Load
    In my case this will be about 450v and up to few 10A's. Total power will be around 200-300w (not yet tested)
  2. 24bit ADC, AD7780
    Simple, but powerful ADC from Analog Devices
  3. 16bit DAC, Maxim MAX5217
    Simple, but powerful DAC from Maxim
  4. The speed of Arduino
    How fast can you toggle output pin of Arduino?
  5. BME280 and BMP280
    Test two sensors at the same time
  6. Basic Encoder
    Very simple way to use encoder in your project
  7. I2C scanner
    Scan and find all i2c devices on bus
  8. Multi Speed I2C Scanner
    Scan at several bus speeds and displays results
  9. Faster sketch upload
    Upload at 500k instead of standard 115.2k/57.6k baud rate for Arduino, Moteino and others
  10. SI7021
    Temperature and humidity sensor from Silicon Labs
  11. SI7051
    Temperature sensor from Silicon Labs
  12. MCP9808
    Temperature sensor from Microchip
  13. DS18B20
    1 wire digital temperature sensosr

Moteino projects list:

What is Moteino? Similar to ESP32 and ESP8266, but arduino based with sub-GHz transceiver used in home automation.
For info go to lowpowerlab.com
  1. OTA (Over The Air) programming
    Say you have one sensor up in the tree, far away from house, this example shows how you reprogram moteino OTA
  2. Moteino build guide
    Turn old Arduino Pro minis into Moteinos
  3. Moteino How to: OTA (OverTheAir) flash/program, modify bootloader
    Here you can read, how you go about doing this

Measurement equipment list:

  1. Hewlett Packard 34401a
    My best multimeter, bench, 6 and 1/2 digit.
    Hidden 10mA AC range and how to unlock it.

Useful projects list:

  1. Mains Delay
    For big transformers, offline smps and many other things like that.
  2. Automatic 12V Lead Acid Battery Charger
  3. Mini Digital Voltmeter
    using AVR
  4. Power Supply with LM2576
    it is (or not) adjustable swithching power supply
  5. Making PCB with laser printer and laminator< < < BEST WAY for making pcb's
    Easy, clean, accurate and super fast method for making PCB
  6. Police Lights
    Cool lights with ATmega8
  7. Accurate Milliohm Measurement with your DMM
    Great tool for any multimeter to measure miliohms, down to 1mR
  8. Measuring ESR with function generator
    Measuring ESR with function generator to check how good capacitor is
  9. ADR4540 Ultralow Noise, High Accuracy Voltage Reference
    Very good reference for high bit ADC and DAC
  10. Adjustable 30v and 10A linear power supply
    that has 2 ranges for V and I, current limited up to 10A

Repair projects list:

  1. Mean Well RSP-2400-24
    Big industrial power supply, 24v @ 100A

Projects visits:

Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers

A discussion on bridging audio amplifier circuits like LM3886. Includes a schematic to drive a matched pair of amplifiers in a bridged configuration, power supply considerations for LM3886 and TDA1514 power amplifier circuits-especially in bridged pairs.

Application Note on parallel-bridging LM3886 audio amplifiers

How to make it loud - real loud. (230 watts rms into 8 ohms without clipping from 4 ICs. How to match LM3886s for parallel operation, then bridge the matched parallel banks. If you are not familiar with bridging amplifiers (BTL configuration), read the Application Note on bridging listed left in article Application Note on bridging audio amplifiers.

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